Remain Software ALM Tool Gets CA Plex Interface

"Independent development environments such as CA Plex have their own model-based and pattern-driven development techniques to modernize legacy IBM midrange applications as they run across multiple platforms as well as move them to the Web and to SOA environments. And as IBM i shops take on modernization projects, change management software is integral to the process. As an example, Remain Software that is announcing its application lifecycle management software, TD/OMS, has a new interface for CA Plex users."

TD/OMS Gets A New Interface For CA Plex

Our flagship Application Lifecycle Management solution TD/OMS gets an alternative new interface for CA Plex, a CA Technologies Architected Rapid Application Development tool for IBM i, Windows .NET/Azure, Java, J2EE. The integration is the result of cooperation with Stella Tools, a CA Plex open source initiative, and is available now.

How can workflow management improve internal communication?

How can a workflow management system improve internal communication? Check what Wim Jongman says about it in the latest John Ghrist's article for MC Press Online (an information source for IBM i community).

Continuous Update Of Live Applications - A New TD/OMS Functionality

Not much time has passed since the last TD/OMS enhancement we informed about, we have an occasion for another news about our flagship IBM i application life cycle management solution, TD/OMS. It has been enhanced with a new feature allowing continuous deployment of application components to a live application environment requiring 24/7 up-time. The new TD/OMS functionality has been added to the TD/OMS Windows and Unix-like deployment solutions and is available January 2015.

TD/OMS And Full PHP Object Relations’ Support

We're happy to announce an enhancement to our flagship IBM i application life cycle management product, TD/OMS. From now on the overview of all the PHP components’ relations is facilitated by a graphical impact analysis functionality. The enhancement is available December 2014.

Integration Eases Free-Format RPG Migrations

Read the Dan Burger article about Remain Software cooperation with Linoma Software in the latest issue of IT Jungle The Four Hundred.

Remain Software and Linoma Software partnership

Remain Software is happy to announce the official collaboration with Linoma Software, makers of the popular RPG Toolbox, starting September 2014. The Remain Software solution, TD/OMS, will now enable customers to not only streamline application lifecycle management on IBM i, but also migrate their RPG applications to free-format. The enhancement is now possible due to TD/OMS integration with Linoma Software RPG Toolbox.

IT Jungle About TD/OMS And IBM Rational Team Concert Integration

"IBM's Rational Team Concert allows a variety of development teams to work within the same change management environment. But the IBM i development teams were less than comfortable with the environment it put them in. This just released option should reduce the anxiety level and allow IBM i developers to feel at home." (Alex Woodie, IT Jungle)

Remain Software Opens New Routes By Connecting To IBM Rational Team Concert

Remain Software is happy to announce our latest development dedicated to IBM Rational Team Concert users who are looking for improving management of their IBM i legacy applications' development or IT teams willing to manage their IBM i applications’ lifecycle in a modern and robust way. The new offering is a combination of the widely known and used collaboration tool from IBM with a Remain Software solution, TD/OMS, which supports application lifecycle management on IBM i. The new offering will be available May 2014.